Nourishing Hand Cream - Rooibos Stars

Nourishing Hand Cream - Rooibos Stars

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 Nourishing Hand Cream - Promotes natural cell renewal, replenishes needed moisture and nutrients. Heals, soothes and smoothes skin. Stimulates skin's own repair mechanism. Protects against the harsh effects of sun, wind, cold and cleaners. Allows maximum absorption for radiant, soft, healthy skin.

 Key Ingredients:

  • Extracts of Rooibos,
  • Bulgarian Rose and Chamomile,
  • Vitamins A and E,
  • D-Panthenol,
  • Allantoin,
  • Silicone.

 Suitable for dry and/or sensitive skin.

 Directions: Yes, it is, if your skin is dry and/or sensitive and if you often wash your hands.

 Packaging: 80 ml. tube

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