Intensive night cream - Antioxidant - Rooibos Stars

Intensive night cream - Antioxidant - Rooibos Stars

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 Intensive night cream - Antioxidant - Rich in emollients and bio actives this intensive night treatment helps expedite skin's natural growth cycle and increase cell rejuvenation. Smoothes away fine line and wrinkles and enhances skin tone. Restores essential moisture, suppleness and healthy glow to dull, tired and dry skin.

 Key Ingredients:  Extracts of Rooibos, Bulgarian Rose and Linden, Vitamins A, E, C, Lactic Acid (AHA), Plant Oils: Sweet Almond, Olive, Apricot Seed, Allantoin.

 Suitable for dry and/or sensitive and mature skin.

 Directions: Every evening smooth onto face and throat after thorough cleansing with Cleansing and Nourishing Milk. Massage gently until completely absorbed. For very dry skin use as a day cream.

 Packaging: 50 ml. jar

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